After the HUGE success of the inaugural Next Level Millionaire event in February this year, we are ecstatic to announce it is back – on Saturday 8th October. If you don't know what I'm talking about keep reading to find out more about this extraordinary event.

I’ve added a brand new one day event to your MRP Membership. It’s called… Next Level Millionaire.

Mark this date in your diary… Saturday 8th October

Start 10am till 6pm QLD Time (11am till 7pm NSW, VIC & TAS – check your local time zone for the other states)

Good News!

As a past or present Member of Mark Rolton Property, it’s 100% FREE for you to attend.

Let me tell you what it’s about and why I’ve done this.

First the Why!

I get a lot of questions about my journey, especially during the early days when I graduated from Options Hustler and transition to an Advanced Property Developer.

Lots of students are wanting to know how I made the transition, what motivated me to do so, the steps involved, was it difficult, and is it really worth the effort!

Let me tell you, it wasn’t planned or designed. It was more of a natural progression of being able to source and put my foot on great deals.

What I noticed in the early days, is that whilst I was making some really cool monthly cashflow selling Short and Long Options. The big money was being made by the guys who were picking up the Options from me, and were developing the sites.

Whilst I was making a couple of hundred thousand a month, they were making millions!

Being ambitious and keen to go to the next level, I studied them. Reversed engineered their processes and instead of flipping Options, I held on to a few sites myself, used the soft equity, and started to put projects in the ground.

That’s when I went from having a comfortable lifestyle, to becoming uber RICH!

The speed and rapid accumulation of wealth when I finally figured this out was MASSIVE!

That’s what Next Level Millionaire is all about.

It’s how you transition from an Options Opportunity Seeker to a Fully Fledged Property Developer Wealth Creator.

I’ve said it many times before, if you can take your Option Education and Knowledge and use that to secure amazing deals, then turn those deals into significant wealth via property development.

You’ll never be broke again!

Here’s a small snapshot of what you’ll discover at Next Level Millionaire…

  • Why Property Development Is The Fastest Way To Become Wealthy In Australia Today!
  • How You As A Property Options Expert Has The Unfair Advantage When It Comes To Acquiring Property Development Sites.
  • How You Can Get Started Without Having Years And Years Of Experience.
  • What Profit Margins You Should Be Shoot For Before You Even Look At A Project!
  • How To Pre-Sell Your Developments And Take All The Risk Out.
  • How Finance Actually Works In The Development World.
  • Plus much much more…

Also at the event, I’ll be bringing in some Top Level Students of mine, who in their own rights have become true Next Level Millionaires using the tools, resources, strategies, and tactics that you’ll have access to at the event!

If you’re feeling like your wealth creation plans have stalled, this event is for you!

If you want to go faster and make 2022 your Break Out Year, this event is for you!

If you’re looking for renewed inspiration, this event is for you!

If you’ve had success with Property Options and you are thinking “How Do I Go Next Level” this event is definitely for YOU!

Are you ready to become a Next Level Millionaire?

Changing Lives,

Mark Rolton

P.S. Next Level Millionaire is me all day with a few of my millionaire friends, pulling back the curtain and showing you how we really make BIG MONEY in Real Estate!

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