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The Rock 2022 Wealth Summit

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Here's what you get when you upgrade to a Rock 2022 Wealth Summit VIP Pass

Bonus #1VIP Rock 2022 Wealth Summit Workbook (Value $97):

You’ll get all my notes and workbook containing all the slides presented during the entire summit so you can follow along and take notes during the event. Then you’ll have the opportunity to review your notes, all the charts, research and data post-even

Bonus #2Rock 2022 Wealth Summit Replay - ALL Sessions (Value $497):

You’ll have the opportunity to revisit the whole summit in a private member’s area. This way you’ll miss nothing because you have access to everything at your fingertips.

And most importantly you can review critical pieces of information and content. You’ll have a playbook on exactly how my strategies work for you to review 24/7. And how to take advantage of the next 12 months turning everyone else’s crisis into your opportunity. A MUST HAVE for any serious investor.

Please note that the summit replay will be available for VIP members after 14 days post the live event, or maybe sooner depending on the post-editing and uploading process

Bonus #3 First Time Ever OfferedThe Real Estate Rockstars Program: Discover How Ordinary Australians Are Creating 6 Figure Paydays From

Properties They Don’t Even Own (Value $997)

I’ve never offered this program before, this is the first time I’m making it available to the general public. It’s a private event I did for students of mine that reveals my unique process of acquiring property and turning it into profit. At this event I invited select students of mine to highlight what’s possible if you’re a person of action.

In the Real Estate Rockstar Program you’ll discover how to make money from real estate… WITHOUT:

  • Without a loan
  •  Without a deposit
  • Without ever taking ownership of property
  • Without paying stamp duty
  • Without lengthy settlements
  • Without dealing with tenants, real estate agents or property manager
  • And most important of all without wanting decade or more to make your money.

It’s a newer, faster way of creating money from real estate without the hassles of traditional ownership.

My first deal made me $42,000 overnight and my next made me $1,066,000 31 days later.

And this is the exact process I used.

In the Real Estate Formula home-study course I’ll take you behind the scenes to show you how it works from start to finish.

You'll also discover...

  • How property options work and how you could use them to make money sooner, even if you don’t have a deposit or qualify for a bank loan.
  • The exact steps to uncover lucrative property deals with vast untapped potential in your own neighbourhood.
  • How to uncover the next growth hotspots before other investors. I’ll even give you a website which tells you an area is about to surge.
  • Smart ways to make even higher profit on your deals – don’t leave money on the table with your deals, you’ll find out how to maximise the profit on each one
  • How to potentially get a ‘cashflow boost’ every 2 weeks. Less than 1% of investors know about this government loophole

Real students – real results

They’ll show you the different ways they’re doing deals in their own personal way.

  • Peter Lade made around $400,000 in 12 months on his first real estate deal
  • Mick Stewart turned $1,000 it into a $1,000,000 payday
  • Mick and Cathy Feenan quit their “Soul Destroying” jobs after making $450,000 in one virtually “no money down” real estate deal
  • Greg and Louise Bonner banked nearly $1.2 Million in profit doing this and walked away from their back-breaking, laborious landscaping business
  • Amanda McEwin, the stressed out busy mum made $3.08 million in real estate profits while raising her kids
  • Shane Magor banked a whopping $736,000 in real estate profits by doing deals in a small country town.

Total Value For One Time Rock 2022 Wealth Summit Insane VIP Offer is $1,591

Please note: This offer is not available anywhere else. Due to the insane value there is a NO REFUND Policy for this purchase, at this insanely low price you’d be nuts to ask for your money back. The Bonuses will be sent to you by email pre-event. The Replay Bonus however, will be sent to you within 14 post-event and you’ll be notified by email when they’re ready in your member’s area.