Great News: The Mark Rolton Property 3-Day Bootcamp Is Back LIVE In-Person On The 18th – 20th Of November. Secure Your FREE Seat Before Thursday 10th November and You’ll Also Get 2 Super Cool Bonuses Valued $1,795 For FREE !

Woohoo! We are Back Live In-Person for the Next 3-Day Mark Rolton Event.

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that the next bootcamp will be winding back the clock and stepping back in time and meeting up for real LIVE & IN-PERSON. Very exciting.

Great news for all members.

We’re going old school seminars for the next MRP bootcamp.

Yep, like it used to be.

Who says we can’t wind back time?

Well, the fact is, we can.

And it feels real good.

Here are the dates and venue.


18th – 20th November 2022.


QT on the Gold Coast.


Friday 18th November 2022  10:00am – 6:00pm (Local QLD Time)

Saturday 19thNovember 2022  9:00am – 6:00pm (Local QLD Time)

Sunday 20thNovember 2022  8:00am – 6:00pm (Local QLD Time)

Please note: All members are eligible to attend this live in-person bootcamp on the Gold Coast, regardless whether you’ve re-attended previous bootcamps back in the day.

How to secure and confirm your FREE seat.

Here’s the deal. 

It’s free to attend and all you have to do is pay a tiny $100 FULLY REFUNDABLE fee.  

This is just to make sure that we know that when you say you’re going to attend, you will attend and will stop those who say yes and don’t show up, take up seats for no good reason.  

Once you attend the event, we will be refunding your $100 back.  

If you pay the fee and do not attend, you of course forfeit that refund.  

Go ahead now and click the link below to secure your seat.  

It’s a Property Buyers Wonderland Out There.

Yes, that’s right.

Property sellers are nervous, very, very nervous.

And that makes it a perfect storm for people like you and me.

It’s a buyers paradise out there.

The cards are all in our favour.

We can all crush it in this market.

It wasn’t long ago that the sellers were dominating and people were paying way over the odds to purchase property.

And within 6 months, 4 interest rate rises, inflation at 7%, the sellers are on their knees, and the buyers are back in control.

Great times ahead if you know what you’re doing.

Next MRP 3-Day Event is Where Lots of New Millionaires Will be Made.

I have a bold prediction that those that attend the live event in November, connect with myself and my team at a deeper level, plus network and mingle with fellow students, will be the breeding ground and the launch pad for the next crop of millionaires.

Networking Is Back and it Feels Good.

The great thing about live in-person events is the networking opportunity that it provides to all members.

You just never know who you’re gonna meet at an event and what you can learn from just a random casual discussion at the breaks over a cup of coffee.

New friendships will be forged that potentially will be friends for life.

New partnerships will flourish that could lead to more prosperous times ahead.

The bottom line is, live in-person events are not only fun and exciting to be at, but the opportunities to take the education one step further can be exponential.

Meet the Team Face to Face.

You’ll also get an opportunity to have deep and meaningful one-on-one conversations with all our in-house coaches, trainers, and support staff.

All the team is a treasure trove of information and knowledge.

They will all be on the ground at the venue where you can have exclusive access to their time and knowledge.

Stop Press: Book Your Seats For The MRP Live 3-Day Event Before 5:00pm Thursday 10th November, And You’ll Get 2 Cool Bonuses As A Gift And A Thank You. Value: $1,795. (Yours FREE.)

BONUS#1: Get A 4-Day 3-Night Aussie Family Holiday For FREE! Value: $1,295

Here’s a gift from me and all the team at Massland that’s you’ll absolutely love.

Every single person who secures a seat to MRP Live for November will be eligible for a free 4-day 3-night holiday (Accommodation only) anywhere in Australia for FREE.

Most of these locations are all 4-star Trip Advisor rated and many of them include hotel brands like the Hilton, Ridges, Crown Plaza and Adina.

You’ll get access to resorts where Hotel rooms are typically $300-$400 a night for free.

Once you book and attend MRP Live, you’ll be eligible for your free 4-day 3-night holiday bonus.

We will be sending you an email post-MRP event live to access this huge bonus.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this bonus at the QT Gold Coast. There’s no requirement for you to attend any dodgy hotel presentation during your holiday stay and these approved resorts have NOTHING to do with time-share presentations. So you’re all good to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Please note: For full transparency, the accommodation is 100% free. All you have to cover is a tiny charge for state taxes, which is unavoidable, and the destination you choose has to be 160km away from where you reside.

BONUS#2: Get the Full Conference Catering Package For the Duration of MRP Live 3-Day Bootcamp for FREE. Value: $500

Yes, that’s right. Another nice bonus coming your way, if you act before the deadline below.

You get the full catering package for the MRP Live 3-day for FREE.


I love rewarding action takers and people who make decisions fast.

In my world, time is money.

What we all want is to make decisions fast and then move on to the next thing.

Plus, the quicker I know the numbers for the 3-day event, the happier my event team is, and the better I can plan. So we all win.

Book and secure to the MRP live 3-day by the deadline date and I will throw in the full catering package for the whole 3 days.

That includes coffee on arrival, morning tea and coffee, hot and cold buffet lunch, and afternoon snacks. The whole shebang.

Now, you know hotels charge like wounded bulls for this sort of conference catering packages, and let me tell you, prices haven’t come down post-pandemic, in fact, they’ve gone up.

It’s costing me $500+ per person to fulfill this bonus for the full 3 days.

…And I want to give it to you for FREE.

All you got to do is secure your seat to the event before the deadline below and you get the conference catering package included.

Now you don’t have to rush out for a coffee or run around the Gold Coast for lunch, I’ll take care of that for you.

So, by booking early and booking fast, you get 2 very handy bonuses and gifts.

Bonus #1: A 3-Night 4-Day holiday valued at $1,295. (Yours FREE)

Bonus #2: A full conference catering package valued at $500. (Yours FREE)

To lock down these bonuses, all you’ll need to do is secure your MRP Live 3-Day Bootcamp seats before 5:00PM Thursday 10th November 2022. After this date, these 2 bonuses sadly must go away.

My suggestion is, don’t wait till then, do it now.

Mingle and Connect with the famous Next Level Millionaire Success Stories

I am inviting some of our most successful students to be live and present for the full three days.

You’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains, ask them how they got started and find out what they are doing in the market place right now.

How Rav Went From A Painful Divorce And On The Verge Of Bankruptcy, To Over $9,600,000 In Options And Development Profits…

How a Young Couple Slaved Away at Traditional Business with Very Little to Show For it, End Up Making $100,000 With A Short Option During the Lockdowns.

From $160K In The Red And A Business In Receivership To Around $900,000 With Short And Long Options…

Can I Register My Partner/Spouse for the Event?

Here’s the deal, if you’ve paid in full, or you’ve completed your payment in full, you can bring your partner or spouse with you to the live training.

To do this, register yourself for the event and then send an email to our team at that you would like to bring a partner along to the event.

We will check our records and make sure that everything is kosher.

If it is, once they’ve paid the small refundable fee of $100, they will also be entitled to attend the event.

Stay at the Luxurious and Very Cool QT Gold Coast.

Once you’ve booked your seat, the next thing to do is book your accommodation.

I strongly suggest you stay at the venue. It makes it so much easier for you, and it’s a far better experience all around.

We’ve put the hard word on the venue to give you a great deal.

However, if you’ve travelled recently to any holiday destination, you’ll know that all prices have gone up everywhere in Australia.

So if you want to stay at the venue, please contact the QT Gold Coast reservation team at 07 5584 1200 or via email at to get our special event rate.

You’ll have to mention that you’re attending the MRP Live Bootcamp.

What if You Can’t Attend Live In-Person? Will There be an Online Stream?

Right now, we’re focusing on exclusively booking out the live in-person seating and haven’t made a call on whether or not we will stream this live.

Of course the live experience is significantly different to sitting at home by yourself, watching an event online on your desktop or laptop.

I’m encouraging you to do whatever you can and get to the Gold Coast on the 18th – 20th November for the bext possible experience you can possibly have. 

Secure Your FREE Live In-Person Ticket Now.

All you have to do is pay a small $100 fully refundable fee, and you’re in. 

You’re one of the lucky 200 members who will be able to experience the MRP Bootcamp the way it was originally designed.  

Go ahead and secure your spot today.  

If you have any further questions or queries, please email the team at and I look forward to seeing many of you on the Goldy in November.

Keep Charging,

Mark Rolton

P.S. To lock down the FREE bonuses, all you’ll need to do is secure your MRP Live 3-Day Bootcamp seats before 5:00PM Thursday 10th November 2022. After this date, these 2 bonuses sadly must go away. My suggestion is, don’t wait till then, do it now.

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