How To Go Even Faster And Flip Properties For Awesome Profits In The Next 12 Weeks With Our New Intimate Mentoring Program Called The F3 Mastermind!

Thank you for showing interest to be part of the next exciting intake for our F3 Mastermind Personal Coaching Program!

Below is feedback from recent students who’ve sat with us, up close and personal, and we’ve helped them accelerate their investment success!

Here’s a brief outline of what’s included in the F3 Mastermind… if you qualify:

• ONBOARDING Coaching Session WITH US 

• 3 x LIVE Online MONTHLY One Full Day Masterminds to workshop and overcome your biggest obstacles 

• 3 x Q & A GROUPS per month Coaching & Answering YOUR nominated questions in between 

• MONTHLY Industry professional LIVE WEBINARS to further support your journey & help you implement 

• Access to 

• Access to All Session RECORDINGS 

• DAILY Accountability Process  

• INNER CIRCLE ACCESS – Surround yourself with high-level action takers getting RESULTS 

• SUPPORT – From us on a CLOSED Facebook page 

• EXCLUSIVE, SMALL group for you to thrive – 15 SPOTS ONLY!!

The Qualification Process is as follows:

Step 1: All you have to do is simply fill out the questionnaire below. We will assess your application and an our Personal F3 Advisor will reach out to you, if we require further clarification and/or inform you whether your application has been successful or not.

Once you completed Step 1, we will be reviewing all applicants and within a 7 – 10 day period from your application we will notify you as to whether you have been accepted into the next intake of the F3 Mastermind.

Fee Structure:

When your application is accepted, here are your options for the fees for F3 Mastermind…

Pay In Full Option: $9,750.

Part Payment: $2,500 initial deposit, followed by monthly payment of $2,833 over 3 months. (Total $10,999).

Next F3 Commencement Date:

We’re excited to announce the next small and intimate F3 Mastermind will commence on August 21st, where we will be personally onboarding all the new members.

Best of luck with your application.

Look forward to welcoming you into the next exciting intake to the F3 Mastermind Personal Coaching Program!

Yours In Success, Wealth And Prosperity!

Az and Em