Conclave Momentum Live Virtual. Saturday 3rd December 2022


From time immortal, civilization has sought to shape the world, to mirror the essence of a singular vision.

This desire to build, create and transform drove visionaries to develop projects that in turn became cities – hence history’s greatest empires arose.

This ability to transcend what is, in lieu of what could be, is at the heart of Conclave and its teachings.

At the Conclave Momentum Virtual Event, you will be gifted with the wisdom that separates the investor from the elite Property Developer. Elevating and enhancing your skills with definitive specifics and tools to assure you of an unforgettable legacy.

I invite you to attend the Conclave Momentum Virtual Experience and stand on the precipice of success, the genesis and the dawning of a new empire. Yours!

Conclave Momentum Live Virtual. Saturday 3rd December 2022


The Conclave Momentum Virtual Event inspires and benefits only the most valiant of visionaries.

For the path to a property empire is not devoid of challenges. Conclave Momentum will endow you with knowledge to navigate and conquer these trials.

Together with an elite group of hand-selected individuals, all possessing the Conclave mindset, Mark Rolton will enrich your understanding of what it takes to succeed as a property Developer, with the abundance of insights, knowledge and insider secrets he has amassed throughout many fortuitous years in the industry.

While other Developers jealously guard their knowledge, Mark recognises the immense value in sharing generously, developing intelligent networks with other like-minded individuals who aim to create empires that will transcend generations.

As the first proponent of Property Options in Australia, Mark embodies the inclusiveness and affluence Conclave advocates. Indeed, by generously sharing his knowledge with an elite force of ambitious and aspiring Developers, Mark has realised the value of collaboration via the increased profit joint ventures afford.

"Since Conclave I am now a full-time property developer. In two and a half years we have banked $1.96 million. Financially it's been life changing." Amanda M - SA

Conclave Momentum Live Virtual. Saturday 3rd December 2022


Includes a virtual field trip

The Virtual Field trip unveils some of Mark’s past and current projects, revealing astonishing insights into the world of Development.

The field trip promises practical insights from Mark’s past and present Developments. The bounty of knowledge you have received thus far will dovetail seamlessly with real world application, as Mark leads you on a guided tour explaining the thought processes and strategies behind each site and its Development.

Conclave Momentum Live Virtual. Saturday 3rd December 2022


The Conclave Momentum Live Virtual Event offers an unparalleled depth and breadth of education for the serious property Developer.

If you wish to acquire an expert level of knowledge expeditiously, you must study the methods and secrets of the industry giants. Conclave gives you a golden opportunity to do just this, providing a proven blueprint for Developing projects and the creation of immense wealth.

Knowledge imparted will profoundly reconfigure your perspective, that you:

  • Assume the psychology and skill set of the modern-day Developer
  • Develop your own projects in Australia
  • Confidently execute landmark Developments with substantial profit margins

Conclave Momentum Live Virtual. Saturday 3rd December 2022


Now is the time to seize this opportunity, stake your claim on the world of Property Development and amass the fortunes you seek. Command the success you deserve.

Conclave Momentum will bestow you with everything necessary to create the empire you envision. You will have, not only the knowledge, insights and a clear path, but an alliance with Massland where you become a prized business partner.

This is the beginning of a monumental journey for you, one paved with awe-inspiring success and achievements. Embrace your noble dream and journey with myself and other great entrepreneurial minds to the heights your ambition urges you to rise up and meet.

Conclave Momentum is your chance to become one of the privileged – where the secrets of success are laid bare for the taking.

Claim your place among the magnates. It’s your time.

Book your spot now. Your empire awaits…

Mark Rolton

Conclave Momentum Live Virtual. Saturday 3rd December 2022